Infrequent Exposure’s Top 20 of 2014



Infrequent Exposure — your favorite North Texas local music show – hosted a two-month long vote for the ‘Top 20 of 2014 special’ that aired on Saturday, Jan. 3. Below are the Top 20 artists as well as some honorable mentions.

20. Toadies Animals
19. Magnatite Cryptography
18. Sarah Jaffe Hooray for Love
17. Kaela Sinclair Original Sin
16. Smurf G Hans Up High
HM.* Band Nerds Kill Us All
HM. Stu Brootal
15. Human Groove Hormone Pimento Cheese
14. Criminal Birds Chill Out
13. The Infamists The Devil in Times Square
12. Savage and the Big Beat Tank Like A Mammoth
11. Shag & Wild Bill Parker
10. Black James Franco Cinquemani
9. Lead Pipes Put Me Down
8. The Mothers Professional Manipulator
7. Brave Combo
6. aBeautifulCancer Dissapointment
HM. The Orange Mr. Money Maker
HM. The Holophonics Third Wave Undead
5. Greenhouse Our Deepest Blue
4. Soul Patrol Rough Around the Edges
3. Michelle Hanlon This Is My Day
2. Maniacal 4 Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen)
2. Maniacal 4 Carry on Wayward Son (Kansas)
1. Afro Deezy Axe Unaltered Eyes
1. Afro Deezy Axe Stay With Me

*HM (Honorable Mentions) = Artists who made the 21st-24th placement.

Thank you for voting and for a great year of Infrequent Exposure.