Playlist 6.10.16

Hour One 7:00 P.M.
Band Nerds Miserable
Jacko Suede Flawless
Sun City British
DarStar Apollo
Matt Jones Bonnie Lass
Orange Teleprompters
Savage and Big Beat The Blood is the Future
KIND Sweet Memories
King for President Muster
RC and the Gritz (w/ Snoop Dogg) Kinda Girl
Super Hero/ Super Villian Falling Down
Jessie Frye Power Lines
King G.I. The Deejay
Air Review Can’t See the Sun
Hour Two 8:00 P.M.
Baconomics Unkosher (w Ritchy Flo)
Sleepin’ Rattlers Walkin In My Shoes
Jeta Grove Gaze
Babar Time Machine Mountain
The O’s We’ll Go Walkin’
Alexa Grover Born Ready
Moses Uvere Problems
Trai Bo Symphonic People
AV the Great Stay (ft. Tom Jones)
The Ones You Loved Fire
Mikah Young One
TALL Memories of You
Kressida New In New York
Nixon and the Watergates Los Angeles
Robbie D Love The Supper Groove
S. Good Grin Again