Playlist 7.16.16

Hour One 7:00 PM
King For President Show Me
Afro Deezy Axe Stay With Me
Paul Slavens Kay
Xegesis Daze of Our Lives
Will Cordell Stronghold Serenades
Gravity Feed Shiskabilly
Astro Veil Kaleidoscopes
Zach Balch Follow You Down
C ROB Battlefield
Yesterday’s News Keystone
Sarah Jaffe Sucker For Your Marketing
Jacob Metcalf Pocketful of Hesitation
Mahub the Rapper Walk Like Gumby
Volts United Solace
Hour Two 8:00 PM
Smurf G Lets Ride
Parallel Play Brown Bag
aBeautifulCancer Let It Go
Magnatite What’s in Your Wallet?
The Faps Better Than You (Live)
The Results Chimeira
TOMKAT I’m Not There
Bel-Ami Purple
Criminal Birds Speak Louder
The Secret Handshake Saturday
Hendrick Oh Captain
Marc E. Babi Party Floor (Radio Edit)
Roy Robertson Book Burner
Frank Twitchy Things You Can’t Pretend