Senate panel approves bill to cut off US aid to Palestinians


WASHINGTON (AP) The Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved a measure to suspend U.S. financial aid to the Palestinian Authority, until it stops rewarding acts of violence against American and Israeli citizens.

The Republican-led committee voted 16-5 on Thursday, August 2, in favor of the bill, which was sponsored by Sens. Lindsey Graham R-S.C., and Bob Corker, R-Tenn.

The bill was named for Taylor Force, an MBA student at Vanderbilt University from Lubbock, Texas, and a U.S. veteran who was visiting Israel in March 2016 when he was stabbed to death by a Palestinian.

Graham said the Palestinian Authority praised Force’s killer as a “heroic martyr.”

The Trump administration’s budget request for the 2018 fiscal year included roughly $260 million for economic development and law enforcement programs in the West Bank and Gaza.