Newly elected Philly prosecutor wants change


PHILADELPHIA (AP) Developments on Wednesday, Nov. 8, about the race for district attorney in Philadelphia (all times Eastern Standard Time).

  • 9:55 p.m.

The city’s newly elected district attorney promised to fight for reforms in the criminal justice system.

Democrat Larry Krasner, 56, told supporters his victory in Tuesday’s election was a mandate for “transformational change.”

The longtime civil rights attorney said it was time to end the death penalty, mass incarceration, and a bail system that he believes treats poor people unfairly.

He said he also will oppose the Trump administration’s immigration policies.

Krasner easily defeated career prosecutor Beth Grossman, a Republican who says she switched parties several years ago because Democrats have a corrupt stranglehold on the city.

Democratic former District Attorney Seth Williams left office in disgrace in June after admitting he took a bribe. He was sentenced in October to five years in prison.

  • 9:15 p.m.

Krasner’s campaign highlighted inequities in the criminal justice system.

While Krasner’s campaign was opposed by the police union, he got a $1.5 million boost from billionaire donor George Soros.

Krasner said police commissioners have long needed a district attorney who’ll back them when they try to fire a bad officer rather than always siding with the police union.

  • 7:40 p.m.

The president of the local police union called Krasner “anti-law enforcement.”

Krasner has represented activists and protesters in his 30-year career, but has never worked as a prosecutor. He vows to combat injustices in the criminal justice system.

Grossman touted her experience as an assistant district attorney and said the position needed someone with true qualifications.