NY state offers help to Salvadorans facing deportation


ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) New York state stepped in to help thousands of Salvadorans facing deportation following a decision by the Trump administration.

Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Tuesday, Jan. 9, some 16,000 people from El Salvador will be forced to return to that country after U.S. Homeland Security officials announced the end of a policy that had granted them temporary residency after a devastating 2001 earthquake. Now, those Salvadorans have until Sept. 9, 2019 to leave the country or face deportation.

Cuomo said employees at two state agencies that work with immigrants will begin an outreach and assistance campaign to ensure the Salvadorans understand their options and legal rights.

Cuomo said the decision to deport families who fled disaster to rebuild their lives in America was disgraceful and unjust.