In Black America

Listen to 88.1 The One Saturday evening at 6:00 for an in-depth look at issues affecting the African-American community with In Black America.

For more than two decades, host John L. Hanson has expertly guided radio listeners across the ever-changing terrain of an America missed by the casual observer.

Each week, Hanson examines important, thought-provoking, entertaining and enlightening stories, as told by some of the world’s foremost social and political leaders, about the successes and challenges of life and business In Black America.

John has talked with a wide range of amazing people, including Lena Horne, Andrew Young, Coretta Scott King, Bill Cosby, Dr. Mary Hatwood Futtrell, Arthur Ashe, Tony Brown and Bishop Desmond Tutu.

Hanson does not limit his program to conversations with the “Super Stars” of the Black Community. He has an open door and an open mind. In fact, he says the programs about which he receives the most mail and positive feedback are those in which he’s interviewed virtual unknowns.

Hanson has provided a forum for black Americans to educate and be educated by one another.

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