Make sure you get where you’re going on time with traffic reports from 88.1 The One.

It’s a jungle out there on North Texas freeways. It’s not a question of “if you’ll get stuck in traffic,” but “when you get stuck in traffic.” Just because traffic in Dallas/Fort Worth is usually a mess, that doesn’t mean you have to suffer any longer than necessary.

That’s why KNTU gives you traffic reports weekdays throughout your morning and afternoon commute to help you avoid the worst of the worst.

You can listen to reports from KNTU’s on-air staff produced by material from Metro Networks/Total Traffic at these times:

In the morning, Monday – Friday: 6:29, 7:02, 7:29, 8:02 and 8:29.

In the afternoon, Monday – Friday: 3:02, 3:29, 4:02, 4:29, 5:02, 5:35 and 5:55.